Future of Smart Specialisation partnerships - How to create added value for regions with interregional partnerships?

East and North Finland Industrial Transition collaborative, also known as ELMO, is organising an online session on S3 Thematic Partnerships on 29th September at 13 Finnish time (12 CET).

The aim of the session is to bring together East and North Finland’s actors involved in partnerships on the S3 Thematic Platforms to share their experiences and tips how to create added value from the partnerships. In the event we will be accompanied by senior consultant and policy expert Anita Tregner from META Group, who will share her knowledge on S3 Partnerships and the soon to be published I3 instrument. Ms Tregner has vast EU projects´experience in the field of research and innovation and has consulted on the Technical Assistance Facility (TAF). Currently Ms Tregner is managing the assignment of the DG Regio focused at facilitation of the transition of the S3 Platform from the JRC to DG Regio and the provision of support to the S3 partnerships in the process, including the development of the methodology, guidelines and the EU instruments accordingly. 

The event is open to everyone whether you are familiar with the partnerships or not. The language of the event is English.



Future of Smart Specialisation Partnerships and what we know about I3, Anita Tregner, META Group

Round Table: Experiences from the S3 partnerships

What are the main takeaways from the partnership so far? How has your regions benefitted from the inter-regional cooperation? What motivates to be in the partnership? Top 3 tips on creating best possible added value from inter-regional partnerships?

Main takeaways from the session, Kristiina Jokelainen, SmartNorth Ltd

Recording of the session


Wednesday 29th September 2021 at 13 Finnish time (12 CEST).

Duration of the event approx. 1,5h


This webinar is jointly organised by the East and North Finland Industrial Transition collaborative, also known as ELMO. Webinar is organised in collaboration with SmartNorth Ltd.

How to participate?

There is no registration needed.
The event will be recorded.

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