South Savo food economics development association, Ekoneum

The services of Ekoneum association enable extensive development and research activities for agfi-food sector in various ways. The service provision of the platform includes expert services as well as the available research and development environments (e.g. labs) to meet the needs of companies and RDI organizations.

The services of Ekoneum association enable extensive development and research activities for agfi-food sector in various ways. The service provision of the platform includes expert services as well as the available research and development environments (e.g. labs) to meet the needs of companies and RDI organizations.

Ekoneum association promotes food systems research, development and education in the South Savo region. The members of Ekoneum include University of Helsinki Ruralia Institute, South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences, Natural Resources Institute Finland, South Savo Vocational College Esedu and ProAgria South Savo. Ekoneum association provides research and development services through its members to develop the activities of primary production, food processing, trade, food services and food tourism.

Ekoneum association carries out wide-ranging cooperation with companies operating in the agri-food and tourism sector as well as other actors. Ekoneum association also operates as a regional actor in national agri-food sector cooperations and development projects.

Services and available equipment


For food service actors Ekoneum assosiation offers a wide variety of services from primary production to consumer needs.  Scalable services meet the demand of micro companies,  SME`s as well as large companies.

South Savo Vocational College Esedu:

  • Tailored training for Restaurant and Catering services, Tourism industry and Food production
  • Product development environment in Food production integrated into students’ learning environment
  • Strong interactive business network, project learning
  • Training and tests: Hygiene passport, Travel Industry Safety Passport and various occupational cards
  • Vocational professionals for labour market
  • Studies aiming for Entrepreneurship
  • Business network master -training for self employed without employees (Further Vocational Qualification for Entrepreneurs)
  • We offer vocational education and training (VET) in following fields:
  • Agriculture, Arts and Design, Building Maintenance Technology, Business, Cleaning and Property Services, Construction, Electrical Engineering and Automation Technology, Food Production, Forestry, Hairdressing and Beauty Care, Horticulture, Logistics, Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology, Restaurant and Catering Services, Social and Health Care, Surface Treatment Technology, Textiles and Fashion Industry, Tourism Industry, Vehicle Sector, Vocational qualification in Information and Communications Technology, Wood Industry
  • Climate responsible action

University of Helsinki Ruralia Institute:

University of Helsinki Ruralia Institute offers high-quality and multidisciplinary research data as well as innovation partnerships for the development of sustainable food systems. The Ruralia Institute offers expert services e.g. in the EU name protection system, in development of local solutions for sustainable food systems (including agro-ecological symbioses and community supported agriculture) and in consumer perspectives on new food production methods.

South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences – Xamk:

  • Development of food service processess ,digital solutions, data management and use of kitchen equipment technology in particular. The main goal is to improve sustainability and efficiency of professional kitchens.
  • Food traceability and tracking solutions, mobile apps
  • Advancing responsible tourisim
  • Digital solutions in tourism
  • Tailored training and education of above mentioned themes

Luonnonvarakeskus, Luke:

  • ISOBUS- simulator to develop ISOBUS-compliant components as well as components to autonomous agricultural working machines.
  • Robotic platforms to develop components, methods and implements for the autonomous agricultural operations.
  • Research and development services for primary production companies and authorities (literature reviews, reports, expert lectures, field and on-farm research)
  • Research and development services for companies and operators of the natural products sector and for sustainable tourism

ProAgria Etelä-Savo:

ProAgria South Savo together with Rural Women’s Advisory Centre South Savo constitute an expert organisation offering services and knowledge for developing the competitiveness and profitability of agriculture and business operations.  Our core competence covers expert services for the daily operations, development and management of farms and agricultural businesses. We also develop the rural environment and communities to improve the vitality of the countryside.

  • As an expert organisation, we provide assistance and guidance to farms and agricultural businesses in terms of automating work, assessing the benefits of technological solutions and the profitability of technological investments and diversely utilizing data created inside and outside the facility/business.
  • We cooperate with entrepreneurs in developing cultivation methods suited for mitigating climate change.
  • We cooperate with our partners in offering a service innovation to food businesses and farmers for calculating the environmental impact of their operations. Biocode calculates factors such as carbon dioxide emissions and carbon sequestration.
  • We calculate the carbon footprint of different cereals. The calculation method indicates approximate carbon dioxide emissions for producing a kilogram of crops by using the specific data of the farm. The farmer can then use the calculation to assess the impact of various factors, such as fertilization, type of soil, production methods and energy use, on the carbon footprint of their crops.
  • The electronic plant protection certificate offers the option of acquiring the qualification to use professional plant protectants.
  • We offer online services for dairy, plant and pig farms and for the needs of agricultural companies in terms of production, finances and management. Our online services help you manage your overall business operations.
  • Supporting energy efficiency and renewable energy sources as well as energy plans prepared as expert work.
  • Business, management, product development and service development consultancy for tourism businesses as expert work.

South Savo Vocational College Esedu:

  • Product development premises in Food production

Xamk Restolab offer expert services for hospitality and tourism education and RDI actors. Xamk Restolab concists of

  • teaching kitchen with professional kitchen equipment plus energy and water consumpiton meters
  • immersive technologies, e.g. augmented reality, virtual reality,
  • gaming and virtual environments


  • 2 ISOBUS-simulators; light desktop version and fullscale rack version (hardware and software)
  • Development platforms for autonomous agricultural working machines (one based on Valtra N-series and another electric robot with four wheel steering)



South Savo Vocational College Esedu
University of Helsinki Ruralia Institute
South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences – Xamk
Luonnonvarakeskus, Luke
ProAgria Etelä-Savo


Digital solutions & ICT, Innovative technologies & production processes

Growth sectors

Sustainable tourism & appeal, New emerging industries


TRL 1-3, TRL 4-6


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