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Search for Innovation Platforms in East and North Finland

5G Test Network

The purpose of the 5GTN community is to support new kind of business operations enabled by 5G. Completely new kinds of services must be built on top of a future wireless technology. Competition in the utilisation of technology breakthroughs is tough in various sectors, and Finland as the developer of 5G has an advantage over major international operators.

Active Life Lab

The services of Active Life Lab enable the measurement of the effectiveness of the promotion of health and wellbeing in different ways. The service provision of the platform includes digital and expert services for the needs of businesses and RDI organisations.

Analytics and RDI services for the natural products sector and bioeconomy

Research services are produced for the natural products sector with the innovation platform via projects or direct business-funded services: analytics for determining the consistency and activity of raw materials, and development of processing methods for refining active ingredients in order to improve the degree of processing of natural products and enabling the raising of the value chain in the sector in domestic production.

ARCTA – Arctic Art & Design Labs

ARCTA – Arctic Art & Design Labs is a centre of excellence for Arctic design and art, the services of which are aimed especially at startup and micro enterprises and SMEs in the Lapland region. However, the services are also offered on a wide scale at the national and international level.

Arctic Steel and Mining (ASM)

Arctic Steel and Mining applies materials and production technology for the problem solving and training of product development of metal enterprises. ASM offers enterprises services in destructive and non-destructive materials testing, feasibility studies and testing of the manufacturing technology.

Bio and circular economy development environment

Bio and circular economy is connected to training and RDI actions at the Lapland University of Applied Sciences. The objective is to develop operations in the Lapland region towards a sustainable direction by promoting smart utilisation of natural resources.

Bio and circular economy product and environment laboratory

The circular economy environment laboratories of the Oulu University of Applied Sciences offer extensive analyses, as well as testing and demonstration service for promoting utilisation of sidestreams, e.g. in the environment, bio, food, agriculture, energy, construction, extractive and metal industries.

BioPartnerit: Product development services for wood construction and the bioeconomy sector

BioPartnerit offers enterprises a low-threshold possibility to have access to the services and equipment of research institutes in the development of wood and fibre based materials and products.

Business Center Pohjois-Savo

Business Centre is a service network in North Savo, strengthening the expertise and international competitiveness of the province, its business life and other organisations.


CEMIS (Centre for Measurement and Information Systems) is a joint contract-based centre of the Universities of Oulu and Jyväskylä, the Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, and CSC – IT Centre for Science Ltd, specialised in research and training in the field of measurement and information systems.
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