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Search for Innovation Platforms in East and North Finland

Chemplant pilot plant

Pilot plant services cover the process development of the chemical industry from the laboratory scale to the pilot scale, including studies starting from feasibility studies.


DigiCenter suppors enterprises in the North Savo region in the development of digitalisation by offering services that improve digital talent, promote technology testing and increase the networking of enterprises in the area of digitalisation.


EcoSairila is a modern and comprehensive industrial centre and development platform for circular economy, combining a modern wastewater treatment plant, biogas plant, up-to-date testing environments and entrepreneurship for circular economy.

Ecosystem for mechanical and materials technology

The ecosystem services for mechanical and materials technology brings materials expertise based on expensive and modern equipment requiring specialist expertise as joint effort by experts from a number of different levels of educational establishments for the use of enterprises.

Energy Cluster of Pohjois-Savo

The objective of the Energy Cluster of North Savo is to improve the possibilities for enterprises in the energy sector to innovate, utilise the services of the research institutes, develop products and that way grow and succeed also in the international market.

FMT group

The spearhead of the research and development activities of the FMT group consists of 3D printing of metals and various finishing treatments in the optimisation of product features, such as rapid thermal processing and chemical and mechanical surface treatment.

Food Valley (Ruokalaakso)

The services of Food Valley are aimed at enterprises in the food sector, as well as for research and development organisations that need the services of the platform, for example, for implementing their projects.

FrostBit Software Lab

The key RDI focus of FrostBit is in training and entertainment games, simulation, extended reality, network and mobile data processing, and diverse information management.

GTK Mintec: Mineralogical and beneficiation research services

The Outokumpu pilot plant of the Geological Survey of Finland and the beneficiation and mineralogy laboratories operating in connection with it develop new expertise in minerals grinding and beneficiation processes and produce research services in the beneficiation technology, such as for the needs of the mining, chemicals and metal industries.

I4B – Idea for Business

Kainuun Etu Oy implements the I4B – From idea into business project, the goal of which is to promote the development of ideas by Kainuu enterprises into innovations and for commercialisation. The tasks include, e.g. to strengthen regional cooperation in Kainuu between enterprises, financiers, training organisations and research institutes.