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Search for Innovation Platforms in East and North Finland

Industrial Park in Nivala

Nivala Industrial Park (NTK) is a development company owned by the City of Nivala. NTK manages and supports research and innovation activities with its own activities via Elme Studio. Elme Studio is a community dedicated to research, training and commerce in new production technologies.

Institute of Photonics: Research and expert services in optics and photonics

The Institute of Photonics is Finland’s largest photonics unit, mainly operating in the Joensuu Campus of the University of Eastern Finland. Photonics is a technology related to the utilisation of light, with applications in almost every social and industrial sector.

InStreams Hub

The objective of the InStreams Hub is to produce new scientific knowledge and research-based innovative solutions to promote circular economy. In addition, training of future experts, creating researcher networks and corporate cooperation are also essential.

Jokiedu Oy qualification body

Jokiedu Oy is a qualification body accredited by FINAS for the qualification of welding methods and welders. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment grants the operating licence on the basis of FINAS’ accredication.

Kuopio Health

Kuopio Health is a network committed to promoting competence, research and business in the wellbeing, food, and health technology sectors.

Kuopio Water Cluster

Kuopio Water Cluster (KWC) – focuses on research, development and innovations in the water sector in the North Savo region. The cluster offers a one-stop-shop for rapid product development, testing and commercialisation services for enterprises operating in the water technology sector.

Luke’s vegetative propagation technology platform

Luke’s research and development activities in vegetative propagation aim at the development of high-standard forest cultivation material and new development of green areas and seedling production of special trees by means of added growth. The objective is to produce commercially available forest cultivation material, which is well adapted to a future climate, of high quality, and which grows and binds carbon better than the current seedlings.

Media Centre LIME

Media Centre LIME is a media learning environment of Keski-Pohjanmaan koulutusyhtymä, producing media training for students in education leading to a qualification or a degree, as well as audiovisual media training and development services.

Memory Campus

The added value of the Memory Campus innovation platform service comes from the strong expertise of every actor in the platform in the areas of archive and information management, research and training, and business activities, as well as from cooperation on the platform in order to strengthen the growth of expertise of all actors on the platform.

Metsätietoekosysteemi: Services of open forest data

The forest data ecosystem includes open data about Finland’s forests collected by the Finnish Forest Centre.