Vanguard Bio-Economy pilot discussion with East and North Finland stakeholders

East and North Finland will join the Vanguard Initiative network’s Bio-economy pilot in early 2024. All actors interested in the bioeconomy topic in East and North Finland have the opportunity to apply to join the international cooperation network of the pilot by participating in the virtual coffee event in November or December.

During the virtual coffee meeting, the leader of the Bioeconomy pilot, Ilaria Re, will present the pilot’s activities to the actors in the East and North Finland. During the event, Re will introduce the operation of the demo cases related to the pilot and share the benefits and advantages that regional actors can gain by joining the pilot.

As part of the registration process, participants are asked to provide preliminary information about their organization’s expertise in the bioeconomy. Registered participants are expected to briefly present their bioeconomy expertise during the event (max. 5 minutes per participant).

The same event will be held via Teams on November 24 and December 4. Please select the date you wish to participate when registering. A maximum of 15 participants/organizations will be admitted to each event. If there are multiple participants from your organization (for a joint presentation), please contact Kalle Autti.

The event will be held in English. The link to the event will be sent to registered participants.

Additional information

Project Coordinator
Kalle Autti